List Building Technic.

One of the Greatest assets of a online Marketer is list building. List Building is a accumalation of DATA, such as Names, Emails address, phone numbers, home address or any other information.In this write i will not get into details of Building a list Fast. Keep your eyes on your update Email notification to know when i post Technics to Build your List Fast. The First Issue that we must be aware of, is the Storing Bank for those informations DATA.Below is a story i would like you to Read and give your opinion. It is about two guys in a bar, who got in to heated Debate about who is the Best AUTORESPONDER? Enjoy, “FIST FIGHT AT A BAR IN LAGRANGE”.

cartoon-illustration-two-business-men-fighting-boxing-stick-man-punching-each-other-99977909 list building tecnics

 It was one of these days when your mind

just can not get it
right 😫, i am doing this online marketing thing for a couple of
years and on this day every thing seems not to go my way.

MY internet ♨️ connection just keep running slow and as i try to
upload a file via kompozer the upload just keep jumping off and
frustrating my mind.

SO after all the stress😫 with my internet connection and to get
my files up load to my WORD PRESS site. I decided to go to
my favorite water hole, the[bar] to have a beer and just ease
my mind.

I purchase my beer 🍾from the bar man, took a long sip and was
about to take the bottle from my mouth, when i heard from the
back of me, a voice said ROLLE,ROLLE, whats up bro how you
doing? AS i look around it was ROBIN a pass student of mine

HI i said how you doing? i ask ? good he said business is great
THANKS for all the LESSONS👨‍🏫 that you give me, LET me introduce
you to friend of mine as he turn to look in the direction of his friend

HI ROLLE he said i know you are a man with experience with this
online MARKETING making money💰 at home business, i was trying
to tell ROBIN THAT the best AUTORESPONER to have is AWEBER
and he telling me GETRESPONSE is the best , tell this fool what
time it is?

WHO you calling a fool😯 said ROBIN to the guy, because if you in this
online business and do not know that AWEBER is the best then you
are out of it NO said the guy GETRESPONSE is the best .

IN the next second i could see ROBIN rush the guy with a beer bottle🍾
in his hand and connect to the guy shoulder, the guy step aside and
hit ROBIN a cuff to this face🤨 and the two off them lock on to each other

two-young-men-fighting-angry-shouting-each-other-vector-two-young-men-fighting-angry-shouting-each-other-vector-115506531list building technics.

I STEP in and part the two of them from tear up each other and ROBIN
SHOUTING to the guy AWEBER is the best ,i manage to separate the
two of them from killing ☠️each other and was out of the bar heading home

THAT was some kind of madness👿 those two guys took a small issue
from ZERO to a HUNDRED real fast. 

two-boys-fighting-28726073list building technics.


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