How to manage time

How are you doing my friends. hope and trust you are safe and well in this global pandemic called Covid19 also known as Corona virus.

Time.  Are you manageing your Time? Time was given to us by god. Your life depends on how you use your time. Time can be controled but it waits for no one. What you be come depends on how you manage your time. Time was given to measure our life it is a gift from god.

TIPS on how we can Redeem Time

1–Convert your time to value

2—You must have a vision,focus on your passion.

3-Protect your plan

4–Have a purpose, your why?

5–Identify your value.

6—Make decisions of your destiny.

7–Take note of your associations, friends,family,and people are they of help to you to reach your goals?

8— Review your investments

9—Do not try to please any one

10—Forget the pass and design your future, Recreate your mind.

TIme is money but it can not be Valued you can not buy time but you can use Time to get money .Follow these simple steps Above to manage your time.

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