How πŸ€” to defeat failure,part 2

Patient is knowing that it is there 😌, what ever you desire , faith πŸ™ and patient work together ❀️. It is convincing the subconscious mind that it is there πŸ˜€ and by planning and preparing your ideas πŸ’‘ for your desire to be a reality. So it is either we go up or down , be patient with yourself.

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Want and needs

Check βœ”οΈ this out . I want 😫 money or I need money πŸ’°, want is pass, need is present, the moment of now. By saying you want money πŸ’° the thought will reflect πŸ˜” to the subconscious mind as you say want you are triggering the thoughts to be at want, you will keep on wanting and not having money.

It may come at times but as it comes it goes, it will not stay because of the thought of want, we will be always be wanting money and not having it. We must switch off the thought of want and switch πŸ€” on the need, I need money πŸ’° say it over and over for a period of ⏲️ times to your self everyday. It will switch on your needs to the subconscious mind and activate your burning πŸ”₯ desire to need and have money πŸ’° don’t be too hard on yourself have patient ✨️ and ideas will come to you from your subconscious mind πŸ˜‰.

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