How to Train The Mind To Desire Riches πŸ’°

You can never have riches, unless you can work πŸ˜‰ yourself into a desire for riches and actually believe you πŸ˜‰ will have it.

What is Desire?

Desire is the starting ✨️ point πŸ‘‰ to Riches, it fuels ⛽️ the mind with a passionate drive to achieve πŸ˜€ what so ever you create, it is where all material needs are manifest, that burning πŸ”₯ desire for it to be, if you can dream it you can do it.

How πŸ€” to tap in to Desire?

Knowing that it is there πŸ˜€, if you can create your needs in your mind ✨️, keep your thoughts on what your needs ✨️ are, work on it every day by writing ✍️ it down on a paper what so ever you desire πŸ˜€, write ✍️ Why you need it? How much you need? What is the service you will provide to achieve your needs. Each night πŸŒ™ before you go to bed πŸ›Œ Read it to your self and in the morning as you wake up read πŸ“š it again to yourself, it will influence your subconscious mind to think πŸ€” and act 🎬 to open the door πŸšͺ to your needs . What so ever you ask for you shall receive do it sincerely and with feelings.

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6 thoughts on “How to Train The Mind To Desire Riches πŸ’°

  1. Ely Shemer

    Cool stuff!.
    This is what I think of it
    This is a very inspiring post that emphasizes the importance of desire in achieving success. It offers practical tips on how to tap into your desires and make them a reality. Well done!
    Thanks, Ely



    1. Desire is the key to riches, as it provides the drive necessary to achieve one’s material needs.
    2. To tap into desire, focus on creating and visualizing your needs, write them down on paper, and read them to yourself twice a day.
    3. It is important to approach this exercise with sincerity and strong emotions.



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