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The do and do not of writing Awesome Email Subject Lines

You may have written dozens of Emails and have barely think about the Subject line, if you do, you are making a mistake. The Subject line often determines whether an Email is open and how the recipient responds.

Here are some ideas that we should Follow.

Keep it short and sweet not above(50) words, use Familiar sender name, Avoid the no- reply sender name, segment your list (buyers, freebies) do not make false promises, do not tell much about what is in side, make people feel special, create a sence of importance, let your Question be compelling, split test your subject line (A/B

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How to write Awesome product Description

All online Marketers should know the first golden rule? That selling online to a customer, who can not see or feel your product, you must appeal to there imagination, what it will be like to touch, feel and own the product and make it easy for you to make a sale. To do that you have to write amazing product description to capture that customer.

how to write awesome product description.

In this write i would like to share with you 10 Basic Rule to write awesome product description from the pen of my Friend (Jacqueline Basulto) to me and to you.

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